Our video this week is called “Respect your Audience”
Have you ever found yourself surfing the webs for hours? Well that’s me , and I’ve noticed a few interesting facts about my own behaviour while watching a video on the web.

When I read an interesting tag line or intro to a video, I usually click to watch and stay tuned for up to 3 minutes, only if the video catches my attention in the first 30 seconds.
I have seen longer corporate videos (4 + minutes) that are interesting and well made, but they have so much fluff that their message gets lost as well as their audience’s attention.

So what is the ideal length for a corporate video?
I believe it depends on the message you want to send as well as the purpose of your video.
If you are making a video to promote a local charity, an event or running a contest, I would say no longer than 30 seconds to catch your audience’s attention and keep them engaged.
If you are showcasing your company and/or employees, anywhere between 2 to 4 minutes.
And please nothing longer than 5 minutes, and even 5 minutes is a minute too long!!!!

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