The new year resolutions are kicking in. Everybody seems obsessed to jump back on the treadmill and shed off all the extra weight we put on during the holiday season (including myself). New year, new goals, new exercise routine, healthier eating, new connections… the list goes on. Now that we have written down the goals for being more active and living a healthier life, how do we choose the right exercise routine that will keep us motivated and won’t let us easily fall off the wagon?

A while ago, I met an amazing woman, Monika Schoenenberger, a Zumba instructor in Vancouver, BC. What’s amazing about Monika is her energy and passion for what she does. Her joie-de-vivre is notorious, her love for Zumba fitness is contagious and her smile is just unique. Monika’s goal this year is to become a ZES (Zumba education specialist) member and she commissioned a video showing the choreography with different types of Zumba moves she is able to teach. This is a requirement for a Zumba instructor searching for then ZES title.

We met with Monika and a handful of her friends and Zumba class followers. We shot 3 hours of high energy Zumba choreography movements with contagious Latin music and a fantastic group of women. Little did we know how much fun we would have during this video shoot and how great we would feel after editing the final product. We sure wish Monika the best in her job application and we invite any Zumba lovers to attend one of her classes in Vancouver.

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