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We were commissioned to create a product video for The HEFT. This is a Canadian company that presented their product at Dragon’s Den Canada.

Their product was massively produced and was picked up by .

A great way to promote a new product is by showing the benefits of the item.

This product showcase video is ready for viewing while visiting e-commerce site –The HEFT Two Pack – Ergonomic Back-saving Multi-tool Auxiliary Handle.

The use of product videos in e-commerce websites are very common and very beneficial to the user.

The use of product videos may:

  • Boost sales and conversion
  • Help with ROI metrics
  • Help with Google rankings
  • Build trust and familiarity with user
  • Increase sharing through social media (word of mouth)
  • Help the laziest user to hit the purchase button

Give your customers the most valuable piece of information using a product video to help them make the decision to buy your products!