Since we purchased our Mavic pro in the summer, we have been promoting aerial videos for corporate and for real estate videos.

Our latest client had a special request to take footage of their family property to create a memory video of the land and house including some photos of their late father. This was a very touching project and really interesting as we were able to capture the essence of the meaning of this property in the lives of these family members.

With all our respect for the Kraushaar family!

The second video was edited with a different sentiment. This time to use it for commercial purposes in real estate.

The family is planning to sell the property and will be able to use this video showcasing the land, the lake, the surroundings and the beauty of the location. It was a great opportunity to highlight such a remarkable piece of real estate that has a lot of potential for many uses!

This project was definitely one of our favourite assignments.

If you want to showcase a beautiful property , aerial video is the way to go. Drone shots can be used for companies to promote their business, realtors to feature the properties they sell, cities to showcase the beauty of their surroundings and people to create memories that will last forever!

Don’t miss the flight and book an aerial video to feature your business, your neighbourhood, your surroundings!


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