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Tips to help you get ready for a video shoot

Preparing for a video shoot might feel overwhelming and a bit scary. The following simple tips can help your video shoot be a success:

1.- Write and prepare a script: Write about the specific topic you want to showcase in the video. You are the   business owner and the person who knows your business and your products/services the best. Once you put the idea in paper, it’s easier to polish and edit.

After editing, read the script aloud and get comfortable with the phrases and message intended. If you find it difficult to read, edit it again and make it simpler. You want to sound as natural as possible when the camera is on, so reading a simple and to the point script will make you feel more confortable and believable.

2.- Plan your look: You want to think about the way that you are going to present yourself in this video. Your clothing, your hair, your accessories need to be harmonious. Consult with your producer and choose a couple of outfits that might be used the day of the shoot. Choose clothes that fit properly and that are not visually distracting (no prints please).

3.- Mental preparation: You want to feel your best the day of the shoot. Get plenty of rest the night before and remember to keep hydrated. Wake up with a positive attitude and try not to worry about the shoot. Remember, even professionals have to have more than one shot to get it right.

4.- What to bring: Your printed scripts, props (banners, equipment…) , make-up bag for touch-up and any other personal accessories (jewelry, shoes, scarves, change of clothes…)