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Jazzfly Video Productions shot a series of videos for Donna Willon of Focused Networking. Donna is an amazing lady, very knowledgeable and real. Donna is known as the Queen of networking in the Tri-Cities and she lives up to this name. This video features one of her programs “Achieving Excellence” that I can testify works wonders. I learnt about myself, my business and the direction I should take my business to move forward.


Having a website is second nature for a business, it’s the face of your company and the way that thousands of people learn about your online presence. So how are you going to stand out from the crowd? The landing page is one of the most important pages you want to pay more attention to, it’s the first impression that will make your visitor stay or click away. You want your message to come across as clear and quickly as possible. A profile video in your landing page might be the answer.

Face-to-face interactions are important in order to create confidence and trust; this is applied to business and personal relationships. In this fast paced world, people seem to have less time to read long texts, but they are more prone to clicking a button to watch a short video with a brief message about your company. If your viewer can see you or one of your employees delivering the message, you will increase the trust factor by a thousand!

Studies made by Eye View Digital clearly show that the conversion rate increases by 86% when using a video in a landing page. What this means is that you’ve grabbed your viewer’s attention, they’ve invested more time in your website and they will click the button that will lead them to sign up, buy, or call you. Potentially any business in any industry can use a video in their landing page, you can make it funny, very informative or instructive. You know your market and you understand what your viewers will respond to.

What’s holding you back from making that connection?