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The Tri-Cities area has a thriving business community and we are very fortunate to connect with different local organizations and help them tell their story through video. We were commissioned to make a promotional video for  Community Ventures Society, a Port Moody Nonprofit organization whose mission is to “Open doors to opportunities for children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families so that they live the life they choose.” The people that work in this institution are true believers of inclusion and change and their work is very inspiring.

We booked a few days to interview key members of the organization as well as some of their clients and families. We learned about the commitment of CVS members and staff to create an inclusive community offering a wealth of services and programs that support their clients. CVS works hard to build bridges and create opportunities to help their clients become independent individuals and prosperous members of society.

The promotional video was requested with the purpose to  promote their services and create awareness in the community. This video will be used in presentations, on social media channels and on their web site.

Here is a series of fifteen second commercials from the Vancouver Police Department.  They promoted these short videos through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and email, as well as broadcast in television commercials.  These are the kinds of projects that Jazzfly Video Productions likes.  Short videos with a beginning, a middle, an end, a call to action, and always showing the logo.  #showthelogo Let us help you to make impactful videos for your advertising campaign, like the ones we helped the Vancouver Police Department to produce. #jazzflyvideo