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We were commissioned by the VancouverTransit Police to make a video to promote safety in the public transit in the lower mainland. We had a crew of around 30 people including amateur actors, transit police officers and a photographer. Production and post-production by our Senior Video Producer Ross J Harvey.  These videos were part of a city wide campaign shown on public transit locations and transit police offices.

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Our video this week is called “Respect your Audience”
Have you ever found yourself surfing the webs for hours? Well that’s me , and I’ve noticed a few interesting facts about my own behaviour while watching a video on the web.

When I read an interesting tag line or intro to a video, I usually click to watch and stay tuned for up to 3 minutes, only if the video catches my attention in the first 30 seconds.
I have seen longer corporate videos (4 + minutes) that are interesting and well made, but they have so much fluff that their message gets lost as well as their audience’s attention.

So what is the ideal length for a corporate video?
I believe it depends on the message you want to send as well as the purpose of your video.
If you are making a video to promote a local charity, an event or running a contest, I would say no longer than 30 seconds to catch your audience’s attention and keep them engaged.
If you are showcasing your company and/or employees, anywhere between 2 to 4 minutes.
And please nothing longer than 5 minutes, and even 5 minutes is a minute too long!!!!

Jazzfly Video Productions worked with The Metro Vancouver Transit Police to create a video supporting the campaign”DON’T TOUCH THE OPERATOR”. A public awareness campaign regarding assaults and harassment on bus operators. The launch included members of the Transit Police, Coast Mountain Bus Company and Unifor 111.
Several CMBC bus operators who have been the victims of assault and harassment on the job were present to relate their experiences. Production and post-production by our Senior Video Producer Ross J Harvey.